Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Amendment) Regulations 2022

One of the main challenges for landlords who manage their own properties is the ever-changing laws.

Falling foul of these laws can be costly and is always stressful for landlords to deal with.

The bad news is ignorance isn’t an acceptable defence if you are caught breaking the rules (and more than 168 of them cover all aspects of rental property).

In less than eight weeks, landlords will need to provide a new standard of care for their tenants regarding protecting them against potentially lethal carbon monoxide poisoning.

Jackie Richards, Head of Property Management at Rex Gooding comments, "The new regulations require all rented properties in England to have a carbon monoxide alarm in rooms used as living accommodation where there is a fixed combustion appliance, such as gas heaters and boilers, from the beginning of October 2022."

This is an amendment to the 2015 regulations which previously only applied to solid fuel combustion appliances, such as wood burners.

"The new rules will not extend to gas cookers but will require a landlord or letting agent to repair or replace a defective alarm."

We understand that the ever changing legislation can be daunting for landlords. It is our job to keep your property legal and your tenants as safe and sound as possible.

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