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You can trust the Rex Gooding team to simplify the rental process and remove those frustrating obstacles. We provide 24 hour online support to allow you to report maintenance issues and access your important tenancy documents and dates, when it suits you. We pride ourselves on our efficient, friendly service that always puts you first.

Interested in a property?

What do you need to know..?

For the best way to view - request a viewing via Rightmove's. All our properties are listed here  Properties To Rent by Rex Gooding, West Bridgford | Rightmove. This will allow us to ensure your requirements match the property and the landlord. If you are a match, you will then be able to book your viewing.

Making an Offer: We will ask you to contact us with the name, mobile and email address of all those intending to move in. We will ask you to confirm what rent, length of term and start date you are offering on a property. If there are any other conditions i.e. decorating, please advise at this stage. You will be asked to complete an application form via a Rightmove link which will be emailed and texted to you. We will likely have received multiple offers so you should complete this asap. Once the landlord has commented on the applications we will confirm if we are able to proceed.

Proceeding to Referencing: Before we proceed to reference you, you will be asked to pay a holding deposit equivalent to one week’s rent. We will agree a date for move in. We ask you to electronically sign a Holding Fee Agreement which includes a copy of our standard Tenancy Agreement and outlines the details of the deposit and rent.

Signing the Agreement: You will be asked to electronically sign a Tenancy Agreement.

Rent & Deposit: The first month's rent (this will be a full month from the move in date) and property deposit (which is equivalent to 5 weeks rent) is payable in advance. When you move in the deposit will be registered in a government approved deposit scheme and details will be sent to you.

Inventory: We will prepare the inventory a couple of days before you move in, at which point we endeavour to take a note of metre readings.

Utilities: We work with a home moving company who will notify the utility companies of your move in date and contact you to see if they can assist further with your move - they can even arrange removals and mail direction for you. The energy suppliers and council should make contact but if you do not hear please contact the companies noted on your inventory to set up your account.

Your Responsibilities During Your Tenancy

What do you need to know?

Tenants have several responsibilities they need to be aware of and comply with when renting a property.

Some of these responsibilities include:

Paying rent on time: Tenants must pay their rent in full and on the agreed-upon date, typically monthly.

Paying utility bills: Unless otherwise specified in the tenancy agreement, tenants are responsible for paying all utility bills, such as electricity, gas, water and council tax.

Reporting maintenance issues: Tenants should promptly report any maintenance issues or damages to the landlord or letting agent, allowing them to address the problem as soon as possible. You will be advised if we are managing the property or if the property is managed via the landlord. If we are managing, please report any repairs via our report a repair button on the home page. Please also do this for emergencies. Our out of hours maintenance company will call you to discuss whether a contractor is needed. Please see the Tenant Information Pack for more detail on any issues which may be relevant during your tenancy.

Taking care of the property: Tenants must keep the property clean and tidy, both internally and externally. This includes minor maintenance tasks like changing light bulbs or maintaining the garden.

Respecting neighbours: Tenants should ensure they don’t cause excessive noise or disturbance to neighbours and adhere to any building regulations or community rules.

Obtaining the landlord’s permission: Tenants generally aren't permitted to make any changes to the property but talk to us if you are looking to redecorate as approval must be given by the landlord.

Abiding by the tenancy agreement: Tenants must follow all terms and conditions set out in the tenancy agreement, including any specific rules about pets, smoking or subletting.

Allowing access for inspections: Tenants must grant reasonable access to the landlord or their representatives for property inspections, repairs or viewings, providing adequate notice has been given.

Safeguarding the security deposit: Tenants can safeguard their security deposit by avoiding any actions that could result in deductions, such as causing damage to the property or leaving it in an unclean state upon moving out. It is a good idea to obtain tenant's insurance covering contents and accidental damage.

Providing notice to vacate: Tenants must give the appropriate notice to the landlord before ending their tenancy, as specified in the tenancy agreement.

Registering for TV licensing: If tenants own and use a television set in the rented property, they are responsible for obtaining a TV licence.

By adhering to these responsibilities, tenants can maintain a positive relationship with their landlord and help ensure a successful renting experience.

Moving out.
What you need to know..?

We hope you have been very happy in your home but if you are looking to leave we would ask that you contact us on If you are in a fixed term tenancy, the end date can be found on your contract. If your fixed term has expired you have rolled on to what is known as a 'periodic' tenancy. Assuming the rent was agreed to be paid monthly the notice period will be one month from the rent payment date.

Deposit Return: It is very important to clean thoroughly and hand back the property in the condition which compares to that at the commencement of the tenancy. We will carry out a check out report after you leave and report back to the landlord. Should any cleaning or deductions from the deposit be required i.e for bulb replacements or garden maintenance, we will discuss this with you in full before applying for a deduction via the relevant deposit scheme.

Mail forwarding: You should set up and pay the requisite fee to Royal Mail for letters, etc. to be redirected to you. Our home move service will contact you to see if they can assist you with this service.

Utilities: On your last day in occupation, please take gas, water and electricity metre readings and notify the utility companies. We will also need to know your metre readings. You should also notify your council of your departure to cease your responsibility for council tax. Note this cannot cease until the last day of the tenancy, regardless of whether you move out sooner.

Rent: Please ensure that you cancel the Standing Order with your Bank after your final payment has been made to us.

If you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your property manager in our lettings team.

Peace of Mind

We are a registered member of the RICS Client Money Protection Scheme. This is a client money protection scheme to ensure your money is handled in the correct manner. Download a copy of our RICS Client Money Protection Certificate here.

We are also members of The Property Ombudsman, which is a redress scheme for consumer complaints.

Please see the Tenant Fees Guide for more detail on the charges.