Garden maintenance can be a thorny issue between tenants and landlords, so here’s a useful guide to help avoid confusion.

Tenant responsibilities
Tenants should keep the garden in a good condition and ensure that at the end of the tenancy, it’s in the same state as it was at the start.

This means:
 Removing rubbish.
 Doing simple tasks like weeding, sweeping and watering.
 Repairing damage that you’ve caused. For example, if you break an item of garden furniture, you need to fix it.

If tenants want to make changes to the garden, they should discuss this with their landlord first.

Landlord responsibilities
The landlord is responsible for big jobs that require specialist training, such as:
 Lopping tree branches.
 Repairing walls, fences or sheds.
 Pest and insect control to ensure the health and safety of the tenant (unless it’s clear the tenant has caused the problem).

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