Are You a Tenant? Get Your Rental Ready for Check-Out..

If you’re a tenant preparing to move out, follow these tips for a trouble-free check-out inspection 🙌

1) Report breakages early
Let your landlord or managing agent know in advance of any damage, such as broken furniture or appliances. 
2) Fix problems you’ve caused (if you can)
If you’ve caused minor issues that can be sorted without getting a professional in, fix them ahead of inspection time. 
3) Clear out clutter 
Left-over rubbish could affect your deposit, so take unwanted items to the dump.
4) Appliance cleaning 
The general state of the property will be noted in the inspection, so clean the fridge, freezer, hob, oven, washing machine and remove any blockages from drains.
5) Check your agreement
If your property was professionally cleaned when you moved in, having it cleaned when you move out may be a condition of your contract. 
6) Outside areas
Ensure you leave any outside areas in the same condition as when you moved in. 

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